2016 NACo Achievement Award!

IEFIC Receives 2016 NACo Achievement Award!

It’s with great excitement and incredible awe of our collective work that I announce that we are officially a NACo award-winning Coalition! We have been recognized by the National Association of Counties for our efforts in engaging fathers in the Inland Empire. The abstract for our submission reads as follows:

One of the most consequential social trends of our time is widespread father absence in the lives of children. An absent father increases a child’s risk of experiencing a host of poor outcomes, such as poverty, poor school performance, child abuse and neglect, emotional and behavioral problems, and incarceration.

The Inland Empire Father Involvement Coalition (IEFIC), started in 2013, is a group of community-based, County, and faith-based organizations collaborating and pooling resources, services, and expertise to reduce father absenteeism and support father engagement. The mission of the IEFIC is to encourage healthy child development by promoting the involvement, necessity, and value of the role of fathers in the family and community. The vision is that men fully engage as stable, supportive educators and providers, and serve as healthy family role models. We do this by providing:
1) Education opportunities for fathers
2) Support services that are accessible and father-friendly
3) PR/Outreach to develop partnerships and promote positive images of fatherhood through media
4) Evaluation of our program’s outcomes, and identification of best practices for father engagement
In 2015, the IEFIC launched its Inaugural Inland Empire Fatherhood Conference to Inspire, Educate and Equip fathers to be actively engaged in their children’s lives.

Thank you all for the tremendous effort and dedication that you’ve shown to our Coalition, to the families that we serve, and to our community. This award is merely an acknowledgement of the successes our community has already experienced, and will continue to experience, as a result of our collaborative work.

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